Butch Jones Impressions

Sure, he isn't the "wow" hire many Tennessee Volunteers fans expected. Even I didn't know much about Butch Jones when he was hired to coach the Vols. I knew that he was the coach at Cincinnati. I knew that he was the coach at Central Michigan before that. In face, Jones has basically followed the same career path as Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly. That I did know, but that was it.

So like most curious Volunteers fans, I looked up some more information about Jones. After doing so, I not only came away impressed, but I realized that this was indeed a good hire for the Volunteers.

There were a couple of things that bothered me about the Vols football team under Derek Dooley. It never seemed like he could motivate the team. In addition the in-game mistakes were hard to bear. Looking at Jones, it appears he excels in both of these areas. He has the fire. He has the passion. He wants to be here in Knoxville and he wants to win.

I am excited to see what Jones can do with the Vols. I may be optimistic, but I see something in Jones that makes me think he is good for the University of Tennessee football team. Only time will tell, but I am excited for the future of the Vols under Jones.

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