Jets Pass On Tebow For McElroy?

When the New York Jets acquired quarterback Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos this off-season, many questioned why they would make such a move. It appeared that the Jets didn't have much faith in starter Mark Sanchez, so bringing in Tebow was for competition purposes. Afterall Tebow was fresh of a magical season where Tebowing was at its popularity peak.

It's fair to say that Tebow didn't quite fit into the Jets offense as planned. What Denver did last season was genius and Tebow rewarded the Broncos for adapting their offensive style to compliment his abilities. However, the Jets didn't buy into that style of gameplay and tried to make Tebow fit their current style. That was and continues to be a mistake.

After Sanchez has had another poor year which he has underperformed in almost every way, coach Rex Ryan and the Jets have opted to change quarterbacks. Instead of turning to No. 2 quarterback Tebow, the Jets have turned to third sting Greg McElroy - who has shown no signs of greatness in his two pro seasons.

It is obvious that a quarterback change needed to happen in New York. Sanchez just flat out isn't getting the job done. The Jets are 6-8 and a long way from the playoff team they think they are. The big question is why would they pass on Tebow? When Tebow took over for Kyle Orton a year ago in Denver, the Broncos were in a similar situation as the Jets. The offense was sputtering and they were losing games. Tebow came in and brought a new energy to the team and led them to the playoffs.

At this point, what do the Jets have to lose? In what world is McElroy better than Tebow? It's just another bizarre occurrence for the Jets. If this McElroy move doesn't pan out, I look for Ryan to be on a serious hot seat in New York. One thing worth betting on is that Tebow will not be a member of the Jets next season. I look for the quarterback to either demand a trade or be released after the season. There is no way this mess of a quarterback circus can go on for another season.

[Image: NY Daily News]

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