RGIII: Ifs, Ands or Buts

When looking back at the way the Washington Redskins handled Robert Griffin III's knee injury, it really is hard to pinpoint who if anybody is at fault. Sure, we have heard all week that head coach Mike Shanahan should of shouldn't have left the rookie quarterback in the game. Yeah, it definitely seems that way now. Afterall, hindsight is 20/20.

When RGIII injured his knee against the Baltimore Ravens, it became apparent that the quarterback was injured. He came out of the game and backup Kirk Cousins came in to lead the Redskins to victory. The following week against the Cleveland Browns, Cousins got the start as Griffin was inactive. RGIII was then cleared for the Philadelphia Eagles game and the following week against the Dallas Cowboys. I would like to point out that nobody had a problem with Griffin being in these final two games.

So what changed against the Seattle Seahawks in the Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs? Griffin got hurt again and essentially damaged his knee further. Early in the game, Griffin took a hard shot near the sideline. He got up slow, was visibly hobbled and was clearly not the dynamic quarterback he is capable of being. Nonetheless, this was the playoffs and he is clearly the offensive leader of the Redskins. If he was capable of playing, he was not going to come out of the game. I don't blame him.

In the fourth quarter, after a bad snap, Griffin's knee bucked and he was in obvious pain. This was the end of Griffin and he was deemed too injured to play. Cousins took over, but it proved to be too late as the Seahawks won the game.

Let me say that if the Redskins won this game and RGIII didn't leave the game after a bad snap in the fourth quarter, this issue would have never been brought up. Even though RGIII was clearly hurting, he was still able to play. As much as I hate that RGIII got injured, injuries are a part of the game.

When looking at the situation it is easy to say that RGIII should have been pulled prior to when he was. However, when you are in the playoffs and you are trying to win the game, I don't blame RGIII for being in there battling for his team. The Redskins were in the playoffs in large part because of RGIII, so if he was healthy enough to be out there, than it's hard to criticize the decision to leave him in the game.

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