No Football, No Worries

It's that time of the ear again when football is nonexistent. The last whistle from the Super Bowl signals a time of the year to find something else to do. Here are a couple ideas to help you cope until next football season:

Get Your Fitness On

Did you gain a few extra pounds this football season? No worries. This is the time of the year where you can focus on fitness. Start a new workout regimen, watch what you eat and get in shape for summer.

Build Something

Now is the perfect time to make some home improvements. Need to build a bar, man cave or something for the wife. Now that your weekends are free, you have some time.

Spend Time With Your Family

Now that you aren't in front of the TV all weekend, you have some time to spend with your family. Take your kids to the park, go to the zoo or aquarium. This is the time of the year where you go with the flow. Whatever the family wants to do, go with it.

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