Redskins Address Needs Though Draft

The Washington Redskins entered the NFL Draft this weekend with serious needs in the secondary. The Redskins took care of business and closed the draft out Sunday with a good group of players that will fill out the lacking depth chart.

Without a first round selection, the Redskins had to wait until pick 51 to get started. With the second round selection, the Redskins selected cornerback David Amerson out of North Carolina State. Amerson has big play potential, but also is susceptible to giving up the big play. As evidenced in the NC State vs. Tennessee game to open up the season last year. Needless to say, it's a solid pick to bolster the cornerback position.

In the third round, the Redskins opted to go on the offensive side of the ball and draft tight end Jordan Reed out of Florida. Reed is an explosive tight end that can play h-back or lineup at wide receiver, causing constant mismatches. With Fred Davis recovering from an achilles injury, Reed may be asked to step into immediate action depending on Davis' health and effectiveness.

In the fourth round, Washington addressed it's biggest need at safety by selecting Phillip Thomas out of Fresno State. I was expecting Davis to get picked in the second or third round, but the Redskins obviously knew they would be able to nab the talented safety at pick 119. Thomas can step in and start from day one.

The Redskins owned two fifth round picks, and chose Florida State running back Chris Thompson with pick No. 154 and Florida State linebacker Brandon Jenkins with pick No. 162. Both of these players should provide solid depth at their respective positions. Thompson fits the Redskins style of a one-cut back and Jenkins provides youth at the linebacker position.

In the sixth round, the Redskins went back to their top need and picked up another safety in Georgia's Baccari Rambo. Rambo was an animal in the Bulldogs secondary and made plenty of great plays against the best teams in the country. As one of the top defenders in the SEC, Rambo is a hell of a pickup for the Redskins in the sixth round.

The Redskins went for the value pick in the seventh round and chose Rutgers running back Jawan Jamison with the 228th pick in the draft. Jamison was a stud in college and could be a productive pro. It never hurts to have depth in the backfield, and the Redskins have a lot of it. Like Thompson, Jamison fits the Redskins style and can flourish in the Washington offense.

Overall, I give the Redskins a B in this draft. They addressed their needs, but without a first round pick, it's hard to give them any higher than a B. They made the most out of their choices, and by addressing their needs in the secondary, they did what they needed to do.

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