Donovan McNabb Still Exists

If I have learned anything from the past two weeks, it is that former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb still exists. The former Philadelphia Eagles standout quarterback made headlines last week when he said in an interview that Robert Griffin III's actions may become "a circus, a sideshow".

Let's face it, the Washington Redskins have not had a player as dynamic as RGIII is a long time if ever. There may not be a player as electrifying as RGIII to ever step foot on the football field. When the Redskins young star quarterback hit the practice field last week for the first time since suffering a serious knee injury, you better believe there is going to be a lot of media attention.

RGIII is not a self-centered athlete, but he knows how to handle the media. He knows how to be in the spotlight in a positive way. The excitement in Washington over the Redskins is at an all time high right now, and it is because of RGIII.

When McNabb made those comments last week, it's hard to look at them as if they weren't coming from a former player who is bitter about his time in Washington. McNabb came to Washington with high expectations and he failed to live up to them. He was eventually released and his career ended after a brief stint in Minnesota.

McNabb again made headlines today after claiming that he is a fan of RGIII and is simply trying to provide a little guidance. McNabb may be a fan of RGIII. McNabb may be available to provide guidance if needed. Whatever. The point is that McNabb got himself in the media and created his own "circus" by making a story out of nothing.

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