Give RGIII Some Time

With all the hype surrounding Robert Griffin III and his return to the playing field, it is easy to criticize the way the Washington Redskins offense looked in its regular season opener at home against the Philadelphia Eagles Monday night. RGIII and the Redskins offense sputtered in the first half, while the Eagles flourished in their new offense under first year pro head coach Chip Kelly. It was an ugly sight for Redskins fans as the Eagles took a 26 point lead during the third quarter. But then reality sunk in.

RGIII began to look more like the RGIII we were used to seeing late in the third quarter as the Redskins began chipping away at the lead. As the Redskins got closer and closer, RGIII and the Redskins offense regained the confidence it had during its late season run a year ago.

Before the game started, I wondered how RGIII would look. Given this is the first game action the Redskins signal caller has seen since badly injuring his knee in the playoffs last season. Yes, Griffin III and the Redskins looked rusty in the first half, but things got better throughout the game for the Washington offense.

Most teams are able to work out the kinks during the pre-season. The Redskins were unable to do that this year because of the health of RGIII. Give the Redskins offense another week or so and things should look a little more like last season. The Redskins defense on the other hand is a different story...

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