Colts, Broncos, Luck, Manning

Exactly... Those four words will forever be debated against each other. Did the Indianapolis Colts do the wrong thing by getting rid of Peyton Manning? Is Andrew Luck going to be as good as Manning? Those questions are real, but are amplified because the Colts and Broncos play each other this upcoming Sunday night.

The fact of the matter is that Manning is a great quarterback. He is easily one of the greatest of all time, and if he wins another Super Bowl ring or two, he may be considered the best ever by most. The Colts were faced with a very difficult decision when Manning was coming back from neck surgery and Luck was going to be available to them in the NFL draft. Even though I am a huge fan of Manning, I cannot argue with the decision the Colts ultimately made.

Luck is potentially everything Manning is. Notice I said potentially. He has talent and he is a smart football player. The Colts essentially got a quality NFL quarterback as a rookie. That doesn't come around very often. So how can you argue with the decision the Colts made?

Sure enough as it is with most over hyped stories, the answer to this dumb question will be decided Sunday night. If the Colts win, they obviously made the right decision. If the Broncos win, the Colts clearly made the wrong decision and will have to live with their mistake forever...

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