Redskins Have Bigger Issues Than QB

The Washington Redskins have started the 2013 season with a horrific 1-4 record. The last loss coming at the hands of the Dallas was possibly the worst just because of the bitter rivalry and history between the two teams. What the loss did do for the Redskins was point out where their biggest issues truly are.

Robert Griffin III has struggled this season, but the second year quarterback should not be blamed for the lackluster offensive performance the Redskins have displayed so far this season. RGIII has improved and looked more comfortable each week this season. While his play has improved, the play of his supporting cast has not. The receivers continue to drop balls while showing their uncanny ability to get open. The offensive line struggled to block a depleted Dallas defensive line. As RGIII continues to improve this season, he is going to need the rest of his offense to get better as well.

The special teams was arguably the difference in the game against the Cowboys. A punt return touchdown and a long 90 yard kickoff return made the difference. Blame the salary cap sanctions, blame whatever you want. How about the players out there learn to stay in their lanes and make plays.

For a team that made the playoffs last year, the Redskins look like a bunch of scared puppies away from their mom for the first time. I'm not sure what it's going to take, but the Redskins need to regain the swagger that led them to the NFC East title a year ago.

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