Why Josh Gordon Should Be Suspended For The Entire 2014 NFL Season

When news came out during the NFL draft that Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon could be facing a season long suspension due to another failed drug test, I was amazed. Surely the 23-year-old receiver had a logical excuse for why he failed another drug test. Surely the suspension would be overturned and the star receiver would once again do the magical things he did on the field a year ago. After all, Gordon combined with rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel could create one of the most intriguing quarterback-receiver duos in the league.

After Gordon was given a speeding ticket this past weekend and a passenger in his car was cited with marijuana, it became even more obvious that Gordon is not taking things seriously. As a young star athlete, there has to be tons of pressure. Pressure to perform on the field and make good decisions off. Finding that perfect balance can be tough for some, but there needs to be an effort made to at least try to care.

If Gordon really wanted to have his suspension shortened, you would think he would be on his best behavior. While he wasn't the one that was cited with pot, simply being around it is enough to prove that he hasn't learned a thing. To be forgiven, one must truly be sorry and learn from their mistakes. Gordon hasn't learned anything from his mistakes and I don't expect him to be on the field in 2014 as a result of it.

[Image: Standing O Sports]

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