49ers Sign Kaepernick to Six-Year, $126 Million Extension

The San Francisco 49ers broke the bank to keep their starting quarterback around through 2020. The deal is worth $126 million, including $61 million guaranteed. This insane deal, worth $21 million a year, is the largest guaranteed money for any quarterback in NFL history.

This is a lot of money for what I consider an unproven quarterback. Kaepernick has shown plenty of promise, but I am not sure he has done anything to warrant being the highest paid quarterback. Let us not forget that Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers still play in the NFL.

The 49ers however didn't want to take the chance Kaepernick would leave at some point for free-agency. If they feel Kaepernick can be the franchise quarterback to lead them to a Super Bowl, making the investment is warranted. If he actually does win, then it was a small price to pay for San Francisco.

[Image: borntocompete.com]

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