Big 3 Opt Out

We all expected LeBron James to opt out of his contract. Dwyane Wade joined him today and it is expected that Chris Bosh will opt out of his deal very soon. This isn't all that surprising after getting exposed in the NBA finals by the San Antonio Spurs.

What this does is opens the Heat up to bring back James and sign a supporting cast to his preference. After already drafting Shabazz Napier, a favorite of James', the Heat are already doing their part to please James. 

Wade is leaving $42 million on the table by opting out of his final two years, but I wouldn't be surprised if Wade is brought back with a long term deal with the money spread out.

I would be surprised if Bosh returns to Miami unless he takes a substantial pay cut. He has big player moments, but not enough of them to warrant being paid like one of the league's best.

James on the other hand will most likely get a max contract wherever he ends up, even if it is with the Heat.

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