Is Marcell Dareus Another Albert Haynesworth?

When Buffalo Bills pro-bowl defensive tackle Marcell Dareus, 24, reported to training camp last week, he failed his conditioning test. Sound familiar? I can hear all of the Washington Redskins fans grumbling about a former pro-bowl defensive tackle on their roster, Albert Haynesworth. While it is early to say whether Dareus’ best years are behind him, but the events leading up to now can’t help but bring up the comparison to Haynesworth.

This offseason, Dareus was arrested twice. Once for drag racing and another time for possession of synthetic marijuana.

Haynesworth had his share of off the field troubles and was indicted on two misdemeanor traffic charges after a crash that seriously injured another driver. The case was eventually dismissed after Haynesworth agreed to a settlement with the victim.

While Dareus is considered to be one of top defensive tackles in football, he needs to keep focused, or he too can find his career derailed.

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