Peyton Manning Fined For Taunting, Doesn't Care

When a NFL player gets fined, I don't normally think much of it. It's just another game, another day. NFL fines have become common amongst the game due to the league's continuing effort to make the game safer. However, when a player such as Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning gets fined for taunting, it grabs my attention.

Manning was fined $8,258 for taunting Houston safety D.J. Swearinger following a 29-yard touchdown pass to Emmanuel Sanders during Saturday's pre-season game.

Swearinger, known around the league as one of the premier trash talkers, caused Broncos receiver Wes Welker to leave the game due to a hit that caused a concussion earlier in the game.

Manning's comments when asked about the incident were:
"I accept it," Manning said. "Money well spent."

The Broncos players have to love the fact that Manning stood up for Welker like that. A football team is a family and Manning made sure he did his part to stand up for Welker after he suffered the injury earlier in the game.

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