RG3 Plays One Series In Opener

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III went 2-of-4 passing for nine yards on the opening drive in the pre-season opener against New England. As expected, the workload for the third-year quarterback would be light in the first live action of the year. Griffin's incompletions weren't great passes and one probably should have been intercepted. However, it's hard to be too tough on Griffin on the first drive of the year.


  1. if he does not learn to read the defences faster he will lose a lot of games for us or get hurt bad.he needs to stop thinking that he can be a halfback in this league. he is not built for it.small frame,small knees,small ankles.

    1. I definitely agree he needs to have quicker reads. I have seen it at times, but he needs more consistency. He also needs to learn to get rid of the ball if there is nothing there. He doesn't need to force passes in if there is nothing there and he doesn't need to take unnecessary hits from holding on to the ball too long.

  2. cousins&mccoy had faster reads because they were not thinking about running as a second choice but a dire last choice.peyton&brady read fast release fast.even Wilson scrambles to get space&time to extend plays down field not run upfield first.