Brazilian Youngster Signs With Chelsea

As the saying goes, "the rich just keep getting richer." That was apparent when the news came out that the Chelsea Blues of Barclays Premiere League had signed one a Brazil's brightest young soccer stars, one talented 19-year-old player named Robert Kenedy. For months now, Kenedy had been on the radar for many of the Premier League's best teams. In fact, Chelsea's coaches and front office personnel had been had been scouting Kenedy for months after some of his amazing performances in 2014 caught the eyes of the team's scouts. 
Kenedy began his international career as a striker with Brazil's 17 and under national team where he scored six goals in 13 appearances. More importantly, he displayed the kind of raw talent that leaves soccer coaches frothing at the mouth. With all the right attributes including speed, strength and finesse in his arsenal, Chelsea coaches will certainly take their time cultivating this young raw talent who figures to become a real force in both the Premier League and for the Brazilian national team for years to come.
Kenedy started the 2015 soccer season as a striker for Brazil's 20 and under national team where he scored one goal in seven appearances before an appendicitis sent him to the sidelines in May. Over the last three years, he has also played as a starter for the Fluminense Football Club, which is part of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A league out of the state of Rio de Janeiro. Overall, he has made 42 appearance with that club, scoring a total of five goals before earning a promotion to the next level.
Kenedy was originally allowed the opportunity to play on trial for Chelsea in a pre-season exhibition match after recovering from his medical issues and prior to his signing of a contract. Team officials from Chelsea saw what they needed to see before getting permission to buy Kenedy's contract from Fluminense ahead of the start of the 2015-16 Barclays soccer season. Chelsey, one of elite soccer organization;s in the world, is coming into the new season as the Premiere League's defending champion after securing the title with a 1-0 win over Crystal Palace Football Club in last season's championship match.
Kenedy, who signed for £6.3 million, will be looking for playing time coming off of the bench. This will be unfamiliar territory for a young man who has spent most of his soccer career playing on the front line. However, Chelsea manager José Mourinho has never been one to throw his young players into the fire ahead of earning the opportunity.
Chelsea has a long history of recruiting players out of Brazil and it makes sense that Mourinho will give the young Kenedy time to acclimate to European style soccer before increasing the player's time on the field. Given his level of talent, it shouldn't take the young man much time at all to get his feet under him. By the end of the season, it wouldn't be surprising to see him make a major contribution as his new team continues its march towards back to back titles.
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Guest Post by Tony Samboras

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