It's Time To Get Rid Of RGIII

I have been a fan since his Baylor days and I am still a fan today. Sure there are things that Robert Griffin III does that make me cringe, such as his blatant refusal to take any accountability for poor performances by himself and the Redskins offense. It has become more than apparent that the only person that still wants RGIII in Washington is over controlling owner Daniel Snyder. The coaching staff doesn't want him there and the fan base is growing tired of losing, so they are now seeking change as well.

Griffin took Washington by storm by having a hell of a rookie season, but injuries, coaching changes and inconsistent play have tarnished what could have been a great fit for No. 10 in Washington. I still believe RGIII can be an effective quarterback in the NFL. It just takes the right fit and Washington is not it. Sure the Redskins don't want to see Griffin end up playing for a division rival like Philadelphia, but the fact of the matter is that if you are going to have your former franchise savior quarterback playing safety on the scout team defense, it's time to cut the cord.

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