Coming Soon - A New Me

In 2016, I let work control my life. I fell out of a workout routine. I let my diet slip. I am tired, lazy and fat. So much of what makes me happy in life took a backseat to long hours and a physically unhealthy lifestyle. 

As much as I try to avoid cliches and popular trends, I am going to be making a "get back into fitness" goal for 2017. As much as I have tried to get back into a routine this year, I was unsuccessful. This time I am hoping it will be different.

On January 9th, I will embark on a Keto journey that has been successful for me in the past. Due to a variety of reason, I am choosing to start on that date, but this will also give me adequate time to prepare and hopefully get it right this time.

I will be prepping meals, eating more often and hopefully not skipping meals. As I have found out in the past, i have struggled the most with sticking to a diet when I have ran out of food. With meal prepping and ensuring I have food, I will hopefully avoid this issue. 

Along with this diet, I will be adding a modified workout program. The plan will be a push / pull type split that allow me to focus on the big 5 lifts as well as isolated biceps and triceps work. 

I will be working in cardio as well since I have a ton of weight to lose. Most of the weight loss will be taken care of through dieting, but I am hoping to supplement that with a consistent cardio program. 

Since I have struggled to post things on this blog, I plan to use this space for updates. So if you don't want that and you are actually still checking my blog out on a regular basis, sorry. If progress updates and random tidbits I encounter on my journey sound good, then stay tuned.

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